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GeoAnalysis Tools

        GeoAnalysis Tools is an ESRI extension for ArcScene that is used to analyze the orientation of features in surface and point cloud models of geological outcrops.  The extension allows for the viewing, rotation, and editing of oblique 3D surfaces and point clouds. This is particularly effective on 3D surface models created from terrestrial LIDAR point clouds and that have been draped with photographs of the outcrop. The analysis displays and saves the results and provides for the placement of polylines, polygons, and surfaces to represent the results of the analysis. For example, the result of a Strike-Dip calculation can be displayed as a 3D polygon in the model. All results of the analyses are saved in the attribute table with fields provided for naming and sorting. 

    The focus to date has been on the structural features of an outcrop. The tools that have been implemented so far are listed below. Over the next two years we will develop tools that are directed toward the analysis of sedimentary features of geological outcrops.  

    Tools such as random distance and orthogonal distance may have application to studies of manmade features. The tool set is also being adapted for use in the LaserSketch tool, which uses a laser range finder or total station to map features of an outcrop or a manmade structure.

General Tools

            Distance measurement

            Orthogonal distance measurement to a selected surface

            Insertion of polylines and polygons

Structural Related Tools

            Strike-Dip from three or more selected points or from selected triangles of a TIN model

            Trend-Plunge from two points or from the intersection of two polygons representing the limbs of a fold

            Bedding thickness

            Extrusion of a linear trace of points (e.g. bedding of a fold) as a surface in a Trend-Plunge direction

            Rapid classification of the orientation of all surfaces in a TIN model

            Down-plunge cross-section (2D) of a fold or other structures (displayed in ArcMap)


Download description of the tool in windows media video (.wmv) format (~46MB)


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