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Arbuckle Mountains

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Download a cluster of 3D models of various exposures of the Arbuckle mountain range in Southern Oklahoma. About the Arbuckle Mountains, see the following wikipedia link: Wikipedia: Arbuckle Mountains. The 3D models include five roadside outcrops:

  • Kindblade anticline/syncline
  • Ft Sill and Royer Dolomite hinge zone
  • Collings Ranch Unconformity
  • Viola-Bromide contact
  • Woodford Shale (overturned exposure)

These outcrops are popular destinations for student field trips and are avaialble here as a means of "virtual field trip". The models are also provided in ArcGIS format allowing quantitative analysis of these georeferenced models. For support, please contact us at .

Work to capture the outcrop models was performed circa 2009-2013.

The models are available in two main formats (make your choice in the form below). To view the model in ArcGIS (textured MultiPatch) format, you will need ArcGIS (please view the model in ArcScene as opposed to ArcMap). To view the models in IVE (OpenSceneGraph) format, you will need osgviewer. ArcGIS versions are provided for both ArcGIS 9.3 and ArcGIS 10.x.

Please fill out the following download form.
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Please choose a model format in which you would like to download the models.
3D PDF (.pdf file)   - Note, currently only the "Ft. Sill Royer Hinge" model is provided in 3D PDF format
ArcGIS 9.3 (.gdb and .sxd files in ArcGIS 9.3-compatible format) 
ArcGIS 10.x (.gdb and .sxd files in ArcGIS 10.x format) 
Osgviewer (.ive files) 

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