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Al Fareed Model
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This form allows you to download a 3D model of the Qasr Al Farid tomb in Meda'in Saleh, Saudi Arabia.

Work to capture the tomb was performed in 2010.

The model is available in multiple formats. Please make your selection in the form below. To view the model in EON Scene format, you will need the EON Viewer (version 8) available from EON Reality. To view the model in ArcGIS (textured MultiPatch) format, you will need ArcGIS (please view the model in ArcScene as opposed to ArcMap). To view the model in 3D PDF format, you will need an up-to-date version of Adobe Reader.

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Qasr Al-Farid

Qasr Al-Farid (The Unique Palace) is a partially completed Nabataean tomb located in the Meda'in Saleh Archeological Site near Al Ula in NW Saudi Arabia (Lat 26°46'26.74"N, Lon 37°57'40.18"E). The tomb is carved into a free standing sandstone outcrop of the Cambrian age Quweira geological formation. The outcrop is approximately 28m X 51m X 27 (WxLxH).

The Nabataean Kingdom formed before 169 BCE, became a Roman vassal in 62 BCE, and subsequently was annexed by Rome in 106 CE. The capital city of the kingdom was Petra which is known for its carved rock buildings, apartments, and tombs. Meda'in Saleh is at the southern extent of the kingdom.

For more information:'in_Saleh

Mohammed Babelli, Meda'in Saleh. Desert Publisher, 2003.

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